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Surface Grinding

Surface grinding at Krafft and Associates, Inc produces a flat, super fine surface finish for all your parts. Grinding and processing of any kind of material is done using latest technology grinding machines. In addition to surface grinding we also offer way grinding, saddle grinding, internal/external grinding, form grinding, and crush grinding.

  • Surface grinding is very effective because of the abrasive grinding wheel used. The wheel moves over the metal surface and removes material in minute quantities.
  • Surface grinding processes include methods like vertical-spindle rotary, vertical swivel head, horizontal spindle single disk, vertical spindle, and horizontal spindle grinding.
  • Surface grinding produces a relatively flat surface when compared with other conventional grinding techniques.
  • Accurate thickness and closer tolerance can be achieved through our grinding processes. We have the technology and the capability to grind almost any kind of material.
  • We stock in the Thompson Hydrail model of grinder which can offer very smooth surface finishes. The dimensional capability of our machine is 48 or 96 or 240 inches.
  • Thompson Hydrail model of grinders work with electromagnetic chucks which give maximum depths of cut at reduced clamping time.
  • We also have an inventory of 20 other surface grinders which can effectively remove material from hard metals. We have a special machine for regrinding Thompson Saddles.
  • Internal and external grinding is also provided through Frauenthal grinders for varied geometrical specifications.

Krafft and AssociatesYour choice for specialty grinding solutions

Blanchard Grinding

With more than 40 years of experience in different types of grinding, we can assure you a high quality blanchard grinding as well. Blanchard grinding, commonly referred as rotary surface grinding is used when substantial amount of material needs to be removed. Small and large plates, washers, rings, etc are a few parts manufactured through blanchard grinding.

  • Abrasive discs are used to create flat, even surfaces in blanchard grinding. Hence precise dimensional tolerance, flatness, and parallelism are achieved to perfection.
  • Blanchard grinding is a faster and efficient single-sided grinding process ideal for grinding all kinds of ferrous and non-ferrous materials.
  • Unlike other grinding process, blanchard grinding is cost effective and removes material at a much faster rate.
  • Blanchard grinding processes exhibit high stock removal rates in magnetic materials.
  • Our grinding machines operate at greater horse powers exhibiting less pre-machining requirements and faster turnaround times.
  • Size versatility, stable finishes, and consistent tolerance levels are guaranteed through our blanchard grinding services.
Krafft and Associates Blanchard Grinding

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