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Industrial Grinding and Lapping
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937.325.4671Quality grinding and lapping services for your ferrous, non-ferrous metal and molded plastic parts.

Flat grinding and lapping of large, oversized parts is our specialty. We also specialize in low volume, high tolerance or difficult material jobs. Find out why we say "But We Can!"

We have the capacity to grind very large (up to 48" thick or 96" wide or 240" long) parts as well as almost anything smaller. We surface grind plates, castings, weldments, molds, dies, knives, blades, bars, rings and machine beds.

Krafft and Associates, Inc. was founded in 1966 by Fritz Krafft, who had more than 35 years experience designing and building machines and systems at the Thompson Grinder Company. Many of you may know current manager Bill Krafft, who is always happy to discuss your projects and delivery requirements. Our production employees average more than fifteen years experience.

We believe we have grown because of our dedication to quality and service. We continue to add capacity and modernize our machinery.

Besides our variety of grinding and lapping machines, we have a 15O-ton hydraulic straightening press, 7.5-ton capacity cranes throughout our factory, miscellaneous job shop machines and inspection equipment to assure conformance to standards.

Lapping Services-Krafft & Associates

Lapping Services

Lapping is the best known machining process that produces precise flatness, thickness, and a better finish. We offer single sided, double sided, gray, and diamond lapping services.

Metal working, tool rooms, optics, wire drawing..
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Grinding Services

Surface grinding at Krafft and Associates, Inc produces a flat, super fine surface finish for all your parts. Grinding and processing of any kind of material is done using latest technology grinding machines.

In addition to surface grinding we also offer...
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