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Lapping is the best known machining process that produces precise flatness, thickness, and a better finish. We offer single sided, double sided, gray, and diamond lapping services. Metal working, tool rooms, optics, wire drawing, petrochemicals, laboratory, aerospace, marine, etc. are a few areas that make use of lapping processes extensively.

  • Lapping is an abrasive machining process in which two metal surfaces are rubbed together with an abrasive in between them. Lapping is either done manually or with the help of machines.
  • We can provide lapping services for a million parts made from any kind of material with ease.
  • Through special tooling techniques and handling procedures, lapping can achieve extreme flatness, specific surface roughness, surface finishes, and parallelism tolerances.
  • Single sided lapping is ideal for machining small, thin pieces that are relatively hard to hold and machine. Thin and brittle materials are machined through double sided lapping.
  • Single sided lapping is used to manufacture valve plates, fuel injector components, gears, rotary pumps, etc.
  • Double sided lapping is used in the production of computer components, spacers, piston rings, automotive sensing devices, cutting inserts, gage blocks, etc.
  • Commonly used lapping abrasives are diamond, silicon carbide, emery, aluminum oxide, etc.
  • Diamond lapping is done using high grades of diamond powders which ensure quick cutting and a longer operational life.

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